Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Leaving behind the festive November
Comes the happy December
With the tasty cherries in bloom
And some surprises to consume

Here the ringing bells
See how the cake smells
Y eh! arrives Santa Clause
Welcome him with great applause


கோமதி அரசு said...

கவிதை அருமை!
சாந்தாக்ளாஸ் உனக்கு எல்லா நலமும் தரட்டும்.

மங்கை said...

clap clap...welcome 2011,

What did you get from Santa Clause dear?

கோபிநாத் said...

good one :-)

மாதினி/Madhini said...

Thank you everyone and happy new year to everyone.
i got two books as i wished and also a game called jenga.