Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My dream/I wish/Girl child

My dreams so great,
what to say?
I sleep so late 
Isn't a good way?

I see movies so scary,
while having a bowl of berry
I have dreams at nights
of soldiers and knights.

I read many stories, 
having many glories 
But I have more fun 
having dreams of buns. 


I wish to fly up into the sky 
I wish to live just like a bee 
I wish to have an apple pie 
I wish to have it just for free. 


If I was a girl child 
not so shy or a wild, 
I would have a lots of dolls 
from different types of malls 

I would have many dress 
not like boys so less 
If I was a girl child 
not so shy or wild. 
This poem is just an imagination of being an boy and to think of being a girl.